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BonJo Coffee is a masterful combination of carefully chosen coffee beans from each year's harvest, roasted and blended with a very unique process. The "dry" roasting process used brings out the most flavorful characteristics and guarantees the freshest product.
BonJo employs a proprietary, state-of-the-art, roasting process to distinguish our product from less flavorful competitors. Most Roasters employ “wet-roasting,” which involves drenching the roasted coffee beans with water to cool them.

The "wet-roasting" process helps to cool the coffee faster so the roasters can produce more per hour. This also adds weight to the coffee so the roasters may regain some of the weight lost during the "wet-roasting" process. However, this process dilutes the flavor with water which is not beneficial for coffee.

Our coffee beans are dry roasted in small batches using convection heat, then gently, and slowly air cooled in a highly controlled environment. This ensures a much more flavorful bean, producing a more delicate coffee drink.

Our process may take more time, but you'll agree that the extra time and care is well worth it. The quality of BonJo coffee is apparent, with crema that is richer and sweeter than any other.

Taste the difference!